The measure Business Consultant LT is a non-refundable grant that will make it possible to obtain expert business consultations and a reimbursement of part of the related costs. Up to €6m will be allocated for the measure from the European Regional Development Fund. €2m will be available for the first call of expression of interests and another €2m for projects of the second call for expression of interests.

Small and medium enterprises will be reimbursed part of the costs related to consultations on matters, such as business start up, sources of financing, introduction of new technologies, and other business organisation matters. The maximum amount of financing available per project promoter is €2,000. Financing will be available for an uninterrupted period of 6 months to SMEs (applicants) that have been operating for up to three years. SMEs in operation between 1 (inclusive) and 3 years additionally will have to meet the criterion of the presence of staff covered by national insurance for at least twelve months in a row prior to the month of application submission.

The maximum amount of financing available per project shall be determined based on the duration of an SME and its place of registration.

Eligible applicants Project promoter’s place of registration Amount of compensation Fixed hourly rate of consultations Consultation topics
SMEs in operation up to 1 year Municipalities of Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda Cities 75 % €53.21/hour exclusive of VAT*

€63.71/hour inclusive of VAT*

Business planning, taxes and accounting, support to business, sources of business financing, product/service development and sales, marketing, contract execution and management, document drafting and management, HR management, labour law and safety
All other municipalities 85 %
SMEs in operation between 1 (inclusive) and 3 years  Municipalities of Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda Cities 65 % €63.21/hour exclusive of VAT*

€75.81/hour inclusive of VAT*

Corporate strategy, operations processes and performance, marketing, corporate image building, corporate finance management, sales and negotiations, investments and sources of financing, legal aspects, project management
All other municipalities 75 %

*valid for contracts concluded from 1 January, 2018

SMEs wishing to make use of the measure will be free to obtain consultations from any preferred business consultant in the Business Consultants Network (BCN). Eligible costs are limited to the costs of consultations on the topics published on the website of the Business Consultants Network. Eligible costs shall be determined based on the monthly reports generated by the public institution Enterprise Lithuania on the consultations obtained and paid for by a project promoter.

After the expiry of the grant period, a project promoter may apply to INVEGA for a new project (another grant period). Should this be the case, a new grant agreement shall be signed for a nee grant period. Applications shall be accepted until 30 November 2020 and grant agreements signed until 31 December 2020. Aid to applicants shall be subject to the De minimis Regulation.

Any information about the suspended admission of applications and/or signing of grant agreements will be published on the websites and

Thanks to the measure entrepreneurs will have the possibility to grow their business more successfully, and for entrepreneurs who are just starting out the measure will open up doors to other instruments essential to a successful business start. The measure Business Consultant LT is implemented under the priority 3: Promoting the Competitiveness of Small and Medium Enterprises of the Operational Programme for EU Structural Funds Investments for 2014–2020, and contributes to the Entrepreneurship Action Plan of Lithuania for 2014–2020.

The 2nd call for expression of interests under the measure Business Consultant LT (Lithuanian language version).


  • A project promoter who is operating on the basis of a certificate of self-employment or on the basis of a business certificate shall commit to continue their economic activity on the basis of that certificate of self-employment or a valid business certificate confirming the pursuit of the economic activity for the duration of the project (grant period and at the time of grant disbursement).
  • Project promoters shall be liable to notify INVEGA of any changes to their e-mail addresses and other contact details.
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