Nerijus Datkūnas
Chairman of the Board, President at FAA, Management Consultant, Chairman of AB Lietuvos paštas Board
Rita Armonienė
Director of the European Union Investment Coordination Department of the Ministry of Economy
Raimonda Eidžiūnė
Deputy Director of Investment Department of the Ministry of Finance
Alditas Saulius
Independent member of the Board, banking expert, member of VĮ Valstybių miškų urėdija Board
 I will seek to make INVEGA a catalyst that will bring a significant improvement and make markets more attractive and accessible for SMEs
Gytis Bendorius
Independent member of the Board, strategy consultant at MediFocus, Board member at Altameda and Biomapas, member of UAB Vilniaus viešasis transportas Board
 I will strive for effective and frugal INVEGA management and high business community awareness of INVEGA services
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Atnaujinta 2019-01-29