National promotional institution Investicijų ir Verslo Garantijos (INVEGA) has already paid more than EUR 300,000 in compensation of non-residential lease payments to entrepreneurs who have completed their applications correctly. The first payments of EUR 40,000 reached businesses last Wednesday, with an additional EUR 270,000 transferred in less than one week.

“Lease payment compensation rates are increasing, and we continue to work to speed up this process. The launch of this instrument has highlighted the technical aspects that we need to improve, which we proceeded to deal with immediately. We focused on non-standard business situations, which are certainly numerous, as well as on the compatibility of data exchanges with systems of State Enterprise Centre of Registers or State Tax Inspectorate”, said Kęstutis Motiejūnas, CEO of INVEGA.

The CEO of INVEGA states that, in order to facilitate the submission and evaluation of applications, the platform dedicated to lease payment compensation issues contains a detailed specification of filling in the dates of lease agreements and the process of submission and evaluation of applications.

In conjunction with improvements in functionality, the practical aspect of business representation has been assessed. From now on, the person authorised by the CEO may complete and submit the application by uploading the power of attorney into the system. If the CEO of the company (whether the applicant or the lessor) is a foreign national or if the applicant is a legal entity without the CEO and/or technical means to log in and prove his identity through the E-Government Gateway, he may e-mail a valid power of attorney to, and he will be provided with technical means to log in.

Detailed information on partial compensation of non-residential lease payments can be found here.

Up-to-date information on all instruments offered by INVEGA and on public support to businesses in difficulty or in search of new opportunities, which is provided through such instruments, is available on the website under Aid for business during COVID-19.


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Atnaujinta 2020-06-08