Financial measures for business during COVID-19 crisis

We provide assistance to businesses in three main areas: by compensating the interest on deferred business loans, by offering soft loans with state funds and by issueing guarantees for the financial services provided by financial institutions.

What kind of help do you need?


Aid to businesses and the self-employed

In order to help businesses and residents adversely affected by the spread of COVID-19, provisions have been adopted to facilitate the payment of taxes and state social security contributions, to provide state-funded employee downtime and subsidies for small businesses, as well as measures to ensure business liquidity.

All the relevant information about the aid measures applied by the State Tax Inspectorate, Sodra, the Employment Service and INVEGA is available in a single document (pagalba verslui ir savarankiškai dirbantiems.pdf).

In case of questions, further information is being provided by phone:
: 1882 or +370 5 260 5060; other contacts:
SODRA and the Employment Service: 1883 or +370 5 250 0883
Subsidies for employers:
Subsidies for the self-employed: https: //
INVEGA: +370 5 210 0601

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