How does electronic signature work? I received the documents signed with an electronic signature by e-mail; the file extension is .adoc. How could I view the contents of this document and check the electronic signature of the person who signed the document?

Since 1 February 2017, Invega has been signing most of its documents with an electronic signature and sending to clients only electronic versions of documents. In order to verify validity of the electronic signature on the document, we recommend that you should follow this instruction:

You can review the content of electronic documents with a file extension .adoc and verify the electronic signature of the person who signed the documents:
1. by using the Internet portal:, or
2. by using the Internet portal (Lithuanian language), or
3. by having installed in your computer and using the electronic signature software SIGNA which can be freely downloaded from the website of the manufacturer of this software. Further information about this option is available here.

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