The measure Expo Consultant LT is a non-refundable grant that will allow micro small, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) obtain the required information, consulting/methodical and other assistance on the matters of export, search for potential markets, and international trade, and consequently stimulate export growth and increase competitiveness of businesses.

Eligible applicants under the measure Expo Consultant LT include SMEs that every month over a period of at least six months prior to the submission of an application had employees covered by national insurance. The maximum amount of financing available per project promoter for the duration of the grant agreement is €4,000 (four thousand euros).

Eligible costs are limited to the costs of consultations on the topics published on the websites and Business Consultants Network. After the expiry of the grant period, a project promoter may apply to INVEGA for a new project (another grant period).

Up to €5,584,801 (five millions five hundred eighty four thousand eight hundred and one euros) are expected to be allocated from the European Regional Development Fund for the implementation of projects.

Duration of the measure Applications under the measure may be submitted until 30 November 2020. Grant agreements will be signed until 31 December 2020.

INVEGA may suspend the admission of applications and/or signing of grant agreements when the total maximum available amount of financing under the grant agreements under which partial reimbursement of consultation costs is still ongoing reaches the maximum amount of the call for expression of interest.

Maximum duration of the grant (grant period) An uninterrupted period of 6 months calculated from the effective date of the grant agreement and the date of the decision regarding the project financing level.
Maximum amount of financing The maximum amount of financing per project promoter for the duration of the grant agreement is €4,000.
Fixed rate €83.21/hour exclusive of VAT* €100.01/hour inclusive of VAT*
Reimbursement level –          For SMEs operating less than 3 years – up to 85% of the consultation costs calculated at a fixed rate. Applicants shall contribute to the project at least 15% of the consultation costs.

–          For SMEs operating over 3 years (inclusive) – up to 50% of the consultation costs calculated at a fixed rate. Applicants shall contribute to the project at least 50% of the consultation costs.

The duration of an SME shall be determined on the date of registration of the application at INVEGA.

Terms and conditions of the grant The applicant’s project has to contribute to the implementation of points 17, 21 and 27 of the Guidelines of Lithuanian Export Development for 2014–2020 approved by Order No 4-58 of 27 January 2014 if the Minister of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania, i.e. match the priority goals of Lithuanian export development:

·         retaining export position on foreign markets;

·         accessing new markets, in particular of third countries;

·         promoting the development of exports of higher value added goods and services.

Specialised consulting services have to be related to at least one country from any group of priority export markets:

·         Group one: Sweden, Germany, Norway, Finland, the UK, France, Poland, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, Latvia, Estonia

·         Group two: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, the U.S., Turkey, Italy

·         Group three: China, South Korea, Israel, Japan, India, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Turkmenistan, Moldova, Armenia, Georgia, Malaysia, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, South African Republic, Vietnam, Oman, Mongolia

The applicant’s project has to respect the restrictions on export development promotion in point 27 of the Guidelines for Lithuanian Export Development.

State aid Any aid to applicants shall be granted in accordance with the De minimis Regulation.
Terms and conditions of reimbursement procedure Partial costs of consultations incurred by a project promoter shall be reimbursed if all of the following conditions are met:

–          a grant agreement with INVEGA has been signed;

–          the project promoter has consulted a business consultant during the grant period;

–          the project promoter sought consultations on the topic matching point 30 of the descriptor

–          the project promoter has paid to the business consultant for consultations provided;

–          at the time of reimbursement the project promoter is not declared bankrupting, bankrupt, under restructuring, in liquidation and there are no pending pre-trial investigations over economic and/or commercial activities of the Project promoter.

Applications shall be examined no longer than 30 days from the day of receipt (registration) by INVEGA of a properly completed application including appendices thereof.

*valid for contracts concluded from 1 January, 2018

Grant disbursements shall be made by INVEGA to project promoters after INVEGA receives from Enterprise Lithuania a report on consultations provided and paid for no later than by the end of the second month following the reporting calendar month (for example, if a report for the month of May details information about consultations received and paid for by the project promoter, grant disbursement to the project promoter shall be made by the end of July at the latest).

The portion of eligible costs of a project not covered by the grant shall be covered from the project promoter’s own funds. Every project promoter shall cover 100% of the consultation costs that may be paid in instalments by consultation hours.


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Atnaujinta 2018-04-25