Invega offers global grants aimed to facilitate SME’s market take-up and development, especially at the initial stage of self-employment, as well as help to save on daily business expenses:


Compensation of COVID-19 testing for employees

In order for a business to be able to continue its operations smoothly and safely, it is very important to test its employees regularly. Regular testing allows infections to be traced extremely quickly, ensuring that companies protect not only their employees but also those around them, and can operate without forced interruptions.


Partial financing of Loan Interest

Up to 100 percent of the interest actually paid can be compensated.


Partial compensation of lease payments for businesses most affected by COVID-19

The maximum amount of partial compensation of lease payments per month is 50 per cent on the lease amount payable by the lessee for February of 2020.


Business Start-up Subsidies

Up to 75 percent of labour costs can be compensated to the borrowers of the financial instrument Entrepreneurship Promotion Fund 2014–2020 financed by the European Social Fund (EPF2).


Competence Voucher

Up to EUR 4,500 can be compensated for the costs of employee training.


Consultation Services Reimbursement

Counselling expenses on export, business start-up and development, more efficient use of resources and conservation of natural resources can be compensated.

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Atnaujinta 2021-03-31