List of required documents

The completed request and supporting documentation should be sent to:

  • if signed electronically, to; or
  • if on paper, by registered mail or delivered personally to Konstitucijos pr. 7 (16th floor), LT-09308 Vilnius Lithuania.
  • An application for an export credit guarantee
  • A declaration of small or medium-sized enterprise status
  • Documents of financial statements for the past financial year and for the last quarter of the current year approved by the exporter
  • A joint statement from the state enterprise Centre of Registers confirming the joint data on the exporter managed by competent authorities
  • Information about owners of the exporter
    Explanation: information provided in a free form document about the owners of the exporter, i.e. holders of the controlling interest in the capital; members of administration, management and/or supervisory bodies (names and surnames of individuals, dates of birth; exact names of legal persons, business identification numbers and registration addresses). This data shall cover the persons not included in (not covered by) the joint statement on data management.
  • A valid export contract or a preliminary agreement to enter into such a contract
    Explanation: if any exists.
  • A decision by the tax authority to defer tax arrears or distribute their payment in instalments
    Explanation: provide a copy and only if such a decision exists.
  • Power of attorney
    Explanation: provide only if the documents are certified by an individual other than general manager of the company.


  • Request for a guarantee payment
  • Copies of outstanding invoices
  • Correspondence with the buyer in relation to outstanding invoices
  • A certificate issued by the Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts confirming the Lithuanian origin of the goods not paid for by the buyer
  • Bank statement in relation to the beneficiary’s bank account showing history of payments from the date of the guarantee agreement
  • An itemised statement from the bookkeeping records showing history of buyer payments from the start of cooperation (for a period covering 3 years at most to the date of the application for an export credit guarantee)
  • An agreement for the collection of debt signed with a debt collection agency
  • Documents supporting the timely and proper presentation by the beneficiary of the guarantee of claims to cover buyer debt in bankruptcy proceedings or some other judicial proceedings
  • Documents confirming that the beneficiary of the guarantee took every action to limit buyer’s debt (reminders of past due payments, actions carried out by the debt collection agency and their outcomes)
  • A contract with the buyer for the sale and purchase of goods or services
  • Copies of export permissions or licenses (if any)
  • Documents evidencing (supporting) the fact of delivery to the buyer

If the documents attached to the request are drafted in a language other than Lithuanian or English, a translation to Lithuanian or English by a certified translator shall be produced.

Additional documents can be found here (Lithuanian language version).

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Atnaujinta 2020-01-31