The European Venture Fund Investors Network (EVFIN) is a platform for dialogue launched in 2011 by major national investors in venture capital (VC) in response to the continuing funding crisis in this sector across the EU. Given the key role that venture capital plays in the EU competitiveness and growth and considering the lack of efficiency of the EU Venture capital market, EVFIN members have decided to:

  • SHARE BEST PRACTICES AMONG EU INVESTORS IN VENTURE CAPITAL FUNDS: to strengthen their capacity to improve the equity financing environment in their domestic markets and develop a common understanding of the EU market;
  • CONTRIBUTE TO THE EU PUBLIC DEBATE AND EXPLORE MEASURES TO CREATE A SUSTAINABLE EU VENTURE CAPITAL MARKET: to act as a partner to European Institutions (European Commission, European Parliament, European Investment Bank / European Investment Fund etc.) by providing input regarding projects and policies related to venture capital financing and helping implement relevant and appropriate initiatives as approved by the EU decision-makers;
  • ENCOURAGE THE SET-UP OF A PAN-EU JOINT INITIATIVE: to promptly address the venture capital crisis through collaborative investment strategies aimed at supporting and developing emerging and proven fund management companies;
  • OFFER OPPORTUNITY FOR A CONSTRUCTIVE DIALOGUE: between all actors of the EU venture capital industry and the EU institutions (EVFIN, EVCA, EIF, EIB, EC etc.).

INVEGA’s membership in EVFIN

INVEGA is a member of the European Venture Capital Funds Investors Network. Its membership allows Lithuania to:

  • share good practices among public institutional investors in Europe;
  • address issues at the level of the members of the network, using the links with the EU institutions;
  • in the future, take advantage of the opportunity to join joint EU initiatives in promoting investment.

More information is available in the EVFIN brochure.

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Atnaujinta 2018-12-11