List of documents required for partial interest compensation

  • Application
  • Grant Agreement
  • “One Company’s” declaration (see video instruction for completion)
  • Declaration of the small- or medium-sized enterprise status (see video instruction for completion)
  • Loan agreement or its copy/copies
  • Copy of amended loan agreement (if signed)
  • Statement from the financial institution on the amendment of the applicant’s loan agreement (if signed)
  • Current loan schedule signed by the financial institution
  • Current loan schedule in .xls format
  • Statement of the applicant’s current account certified by an employee of the financial institution (or an equivalent document of another form with the same content (e.g., a copy of the current account agreement)
  • Power of attorney of the head of the company and/or entrepreneur granted to the authorised person, if the application is signed by a person other than the head
  • Copy of business licence or self-employment certificate (to be submitted only if the applicant is a natural person)
  • Investment project (business plan) (applies to real estate acquisitions cases)
  • Extract from the real estate register or vehicle registration certificate (applies to real estate, passenger vehicles and goods acquisition cases)
  • Copies of the project agreement or decision financed by the EU structural funds or state or municipal institutions of the Republic of Lithuania (applicable if the loan agreement funds are allocated to finance the project or part thereof supported by the EU structural funds or state authorities of the Republic of Lithuania)
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Atnaujinta 2021-02-15