What are the benefits?

Up to € 4,500 can be compensated for the costs of employee training over a period of 12 months.

What companies are eligible?

Private legal persons and state or municipal enterprises operating at least for one year.

What is the maximum amount?

Applicant size Micro small, small and medium enterprise Large enterprise
Reimbursement size 80% 70%
Fixed hourly rate of training
€ 7.81

How does it work?

Applications for partial compensation of staff training can be submitted to INVEGA. A list of training providers and training programmes is available on the website of VšĮ Versli Lietuva (Enterprise Lithuania).

How is the amount of reimbursement calculated?

Sample calculation: a project promoter, which is a micro small enterprise paying for 25-hour training of a project promoter’s employee of which the employee attends up to 20 hours, will be paid €124.96 (€7.81 x 20 hrs x 80%) as reimbursement of the training costs.

Information about the training and number of hours attended shall be obtained from VšĮ Versli Lietuva (Enterprise Lithuania).

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Atnaujinta 2018-04-04