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DIFASS deals with the barriers for internationalisation of SMEs and facilitate access to finance. The focus will be on the development and implementation of nongrant based financial support instruments, such as revolving funds, transregional funds and venture capital funds.

Interregional cooperation
26 partners from various regions in the European Union committed themselves to work together for three years in the project. The regions participating in the project have teamed up to exchange experiences ton innovative business support measures established in their own regions and to support the transnational transfer of selected examples of good practice towards other regions.

The DIFASS project is supported by the INTERREG IVC Programme. The overall objective of the programme is to improve the effectiveness of regional policies and instruments. INTERREG IVC provides funding for interregional cooperation across Europe. It is implemented under the European Community’s territorial co-operation objective and financed through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).
Examples of results
An internet based Micro Finance Management tool from Hungary will be transferred to regions in Estonia, Spain, Italy and the Slovak Republic. Secondly, a programme from Andalusia to support internationalisation of SMEs will be implemented as a pilot in regions in Denmark, Italy, Romania and Sweden.

Furthermore, all participating regions will develop a Policy Implementation Plan based on exchange of experience on good practice from other regions in Europe to improve own policies tackling access to finance for SMEs, innovation, internationalisation and sustainable growth.



Micro Loans Schemes


Guidance to Finance and Loan Guarantee Schemes

Mixed Grant and Non-Grant Support Schemes

Intellectual Property and Human Capital

Spin Off, Start Up and Early Stage Support

Creative Industries and Crowdfunding

Jeremie, Mezzanine, Equity and Venture Capital

Good Practice Guide DIFASS



More about DIFASS here.

DIFASS newsletter

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