About LT VCA

Lithuanian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (LT VCA) was established by UAB LitCapital Asset Management, BaltCap UAB and UAB SEB Venture Capital in May 2009.

LT VCA unites Private Equity (PE) and venture capital (VC) investors in Lithuania. Currently, there are 29 active companies / members covering different types of venture capital business activities: fund management companies, consulting firms, lawyers, public institutions etc., who support and advise investors and entrepreneurs in the structuring and management of their partnerships. The members consist of 10 members and 19 associate members.

Apart from its services on behalf of members (monitoring of legal, regulatory and tax issues, research studies and statistics, training, development and communication, etc.), LT VCA serves as a central platform for representation and promotion of the VC business to institutional investors, opinion leaders, and public policy makers. The association helps to improve financing of the economy, for small business in particular, as well as promote economic growth and entrepreneurial spirit. LT VCA is open to cooperation with venture capital funds, asset management funds, investment funds, business angels, legal offices, financial consultants and all other players involved in the market of direct investments.

LT VCA mission

Association‘s mission is to bring together the VC industry professional competence and to develope and or promote Lithuanian Private Equity and Venture Capital industry  by developing standards, pursuing strict compliance and designing best practices, promoting self-regulation of the industry, acting as a lobbying force on PE/VC related issues, promoting Venture Capital to institutional investors and entrepreneurs on local, national and international level, increasing institutional investors’ awareness of the performance of Lithuanian VC market and the expertise of its professionals, fostering research and innovation through cooperation with universities, enterprises and other stakeholders, fostering the growth of Lithuanian capital market by providing businesses with capital and liquidity.

INVEGA‘s membership in LT VCA

INVEGA, an associate member of LT VCA, actively contributes to the implementation of VC investments and other objectives of the association. INVEGA manages VC Funds financed by the EU’sStructural and Investment Funds. INVEGA, through administrated VC instruments, will contribute to the development of the Lithuanian VC market and growth and provide new prospective Lithuanian companies, which are facing limited access to the business financing instruments offered by banks, a wider access to the capital.

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Atnaujinta 2017-10-16