Individual guarantees

INVEGA may guarantee the repayment of losses arising from the investments made by financial institution in small and medium-sized enterprises for Loans and Leasing transactions as well as financial credits granted for large companies up to 80 percent. In case of credit export guarantees, the upper limit of liability assumed by INVEGA (guarantee rate) is up to 90 per cent of the aggregate of all deferred payments.

Portfolio guarantees

Portfolio Guarantee can facilitate access to funding for small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) when an SME is unable to provide a collateral that is attractive or sufficient to a financial institution. A portfolio guarantee secures the repayment of 80% of the principal amount of loan/leasing to a financial institution.

Soft Loans

Entrepreneurship Promotion Fund 2014—2020 (EPF2) offers soft loans for start-ups of up to EUR 25,000. A loan guarantee may be requested from  INVEGA. In addition, borrowers of soft loans under the EPF2 can benefit from global grant instrument Business Start-up Subsidies and receive a compensation of labour costs.

Open credit fund 2 (OCF2) offers soft loans for SMEs of up to EUR 600,000. A loan guarantee may be requested from  INVEGA. In addition, you can use the measure Partial financing of interest and get a compensation of 50-95 percent of the interest actually paid up to 36 months.

Risk-shared loans financed by the European Regional Development Fund (RSL) offers loans for SMEs of up to EUR 4 million. The RSL measure is based on the principle of lending with the proportion of 45:55, under which the RSL Measure Manager contributes by 55 per cent of its own funds to 45 % of the RSL loan/credit line share. In addition, you can use the measure Partial financing of interest and get a compensation of 50 percent of the interest actually paid.

Venture Capital Investments

Venture capital is an alternative source of business funding in the form of investments in equity capital of businesses. Such investments are usually made in innovative companies with a strong growth and development potential. In contrast to borrowing from banks where interest is paid on the amount lent, a venture capital fund acquires a stake in a company and earns a return on investment from dividends and/or sale of the stake later. As a rule, venture capital investors get actively involved in the activities of companies concerned and contribute their knowledge, connections and experience to the development of companies.

Currently, venture capital funds Baltic Innovation Fund, Co-investment Fund, Co-investment Fund II and Early Stage and Development Fund I are being implemented. Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises can apply fo the following venture capital fund managers:  BaltCapLivonia PartnersBPM MezzanineKarma Ventures, UAB Kofinansavimas and Open Circle Capital.


Invega offers global grants aimed to help secure the SME’s market entry and development, especially at the initial stage of self-employment, as well as offer partial financing of loan interest, consultations, staff training and support for employment.

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Atnaujinta 2018-04-25