INVEGA is a State-established financial institution with the following main objectives:

  • provide financial services;
  • implement and manage financial and other forms of financing business;

On 17 October 2018, the Government of the Republic of Lithuania granted INVEGA the status of a National Development Institution, and as of 3 December 2018, INVEGA has been added to the list of National Promotional Institutions by a decision of the Supervisory Service of the Bank of Lithuania.

INVEGA has thus grown into a national business development organisation that:



Sees the perspective and expands the business financing market responsibly



Invests in business projects creating added value for the country



INVEGA develops and coordinates the most comprehensive package of financial instruments for such projects


INVEGA most effectively employs the taxpayers' money: it assesses risks competently and focuses on business projects that create wealth on the national scale.

INVEGA's activities focus on the implementation of state-funded instruments to promote small and medium-sized enterprises and economic operators in the start-up, operation and expansion phases of their business activities, and create and/or maintain jobs or increase competitiveness. Some of the INVEGA's instruments and activities are implemented and financed through the state budget, funds redeemed to INVEGA-managed holding funds and resources of the 2014-2020 European Structural and Investment Funds.


Promote the growth and competitiveness of Lithuanian business by being an active partner in business financing.


The most innovative and efficient organisation whose business promotion solutions create significant value for the national economy.


Professionalism, cooperation, responsibility, creativity.

INVEGA has established a subsidiary, UAB Kofinansavimas engaged in the establishment and management of venture capital funds, venture capital investment and investment and financial advisory services. UAB Kofinansavimas manages a public venture capital fund "Co-Investment Fund" the main objective of which is to develop the Lithuanian venture capital market, cultivate new venture capital players and thus provide wider access to capital for promising new Lithuanian companies that have limited access to business financing facilities offered by banks.