NATO Innovation Fund

What are the benefits?

NIF is a standalone EUR 1 billion venture capital fund supporting ambitious founders developing emerging and disruptive technologies. For us, high-impact verticals include artificial intelligence (AI), biotechnology, energy & propulsion, manufacturing, and space.

NIF is passionate about autonomy, hypersonics, new materials and quantum, and want to shore up cutting-edge hardware and software.

Who is eligible?

  • Startups, businesses, founders developing innovative solutions in defence and security sectors
  • Businesses, startups developing dual-use products, services.

The NATO Innovation Fund (NIF) was created to supercharge the Alliance’s unique innovation ecosystems. Allied talent and research in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) are world-leading, but the market to support deep tech innovation is underfunded. With the NIF, we are creating a commercialisation machine in both the private and public sectors, backing innovators to secure the future for the Alliance's 1 billion citizens. 

NIF's focus is on: 

• AI
• Autonomy
• Quantum
• Biotechnologies
• Hypersonic Systems
• Space
• Novel materials&Manufacturing
• Energy&Propulsion
• Next -Generation Communications