Due to COVID - 19 infection INVEGA takes into account the recommendations of the National Center for Public Health and and serves clients only remotely: by phone or e - mail.

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Kęstutis Motiejūnas CEO 85 210 7516
Inga Beiliūnienė Deputy CEO 85 247 7606
Irena Švelnikienė HR Partner 85 210 6390
Customer service Division
Ramunė Šimulynienė Head of the Division +370 618 80025
Austėja Šutaitė Customer service manager  
Gražina Surgailytė Customer service manager  
Kristina Račkauskaitė-Liandzbergienė Customer service manager  
Kristina Urbonaitė Customer service manager  
Modesta Railaitė Customer service manager  
Greta Pukštytė Customer service manager  
Modestas Šaltupis Customer service manager  
Legal and General Affairs Division
Remigijus Znutas Head of the Division 85 210 7518
Jūratė Strakšienė Public Procurement Manager +370 6 149 9029
Odeta Maziliauskaitė Office Administrator  
Aušra Šturienė Office Administrator  
Violeta Skripskienė Senior Lawyer 85 210 1121
Eglė Toliūnaitė Senior Lawyer 85 210 7511
Irena Kalitkievič Lawyer  
Simona Čėsnienė Lawyer  
Business Financing Evaluation and Global Grants Divisions
Aušrinė Černienė Head of the Divisions
Aleksandras Petručionis Lead Project Evaluation Analyst, Business Financing Evaluation Division
Daiva Krivienė Lead Project Evaluation Analyst, Business Financing Evaluation Division
Arvydas Šablinskas Senior Project Evaluation Analyst, Business Financing Evaluation Division
Akvilina Galbuogytė Senior Project Evaluation Analyst, Business Financing Evaluation Division
Vytautas Andriuškevičius Senior Project Evaluation Analyst
Nerilė Matuzevičienė Senior Project Evaluation Analyst
Vidas Šabanovičius Project Evaluator, Global Grants Division
Raimonda Barkauskaitė Project Evaluator, Global Grants Division
Sigita Darulienė Project Evaluator, Global Grants Division
Indrė Grigutienė Project Evaluator
Lina Uscilienė Project Evaluator
Neringa Nevulytė Project Evaluator
Miglė Stepankevičiūtė Project Evaluator
Asta Simonenkovienė Project Evaluator
Šarūnas Eimutis Project Evaluator, Global Grants Division
Eglė Grušauskaitė Project Evaluator
Lina Juozelskytė Project Evaluator
Jolita Šukevičiūtė Project Evaluator
Monika Lenkauskienė Project Evaluator
Project Management Division
Inga Beiliūnienė Head of the Division-Deputy CEO
Ausma Bartkutė Senior Project Manager
Sigita Rutkauskaitė Senior Project Manager
Vilija Šveikauskienė Senior Project Manager
Justina Prakapavičiūtė Project Manager
Rūta Kiuberytė Senior Project Manager
Agnė Mačiulienė Senior Project Manager
Ieva Petkevičiūtė Project Manager
Ignas Paukštys Project Manager
Milda Kutraitė Project Manager
Svaja Stralkuvienė Project Manager
Financial Management Division
Jūratė Blėdaitė-Katilienė Head of the Division 85 210 7512
Rasa Lisauskaitė Senior Accountant 85 210 0600
Agnė Budvytė Manager of Project Administration  
Akvilė Karaliūnė Senior Project Finance Manager 85 210 7439
Lina Brūzgienė Manager of Project Administration 85 278 0371
Valentina Gavrilova Senior Project Finance Manager 85 247 7609
Gražina Balašaitė Manager of Project Administration  
Janina Žostautienė Financial Manager 85 210 7358
Nijolė Rybakovienė – Miškinienė Financial Manager 85 211 3567
Alma Drazdauskienė Financial Manager  
Ieva Budreikaitė Financial Manager  
Ivona Čepukoit-Boroško Financial Manager  
Juta Rakauskaitė Financial Manager  
Miglė Čerkesaitė Financial Manager  
Erika Pavarotnikaitė Data Analyst  
Eglė Balčiūnaitė Financial Manager  
Quality and Risk Management Division
Aistė Stonkienė Head of the Division 85 247 7608
Simona Bieliauskė Compliance Specialist 85 211 3566
Jovita Vaičiulytė-Verikienė Senior Quality Controller 85 210 7515
Eglė Lembertienė Senior Quality Controller 85 278 0503
Kristina Badarienė Quality Controller  
Jūratė Lepienė Quality Controller 85 210 7351
Vidmantas Sadauskas Quality Controller  
Karolina Lenzbergaitė Risk Analyst  
Tomas Antanaitis Risk Analyst  
Marketing Division
Asta Slapšienė Head of the Division 85 210 7438
Lina Liepytė Marketing Manager 85 278 0304
Asta Ulė Marketing Manager 8 614 90 673
Kristina Vaznonytė Communications Manager 8 618 66 513
Karolina Vaitonytė-Kerzienė Communications Manager  
Crediting Division
Laimis Kindurys Head of the Division
Mantas Maslianikas Chief Credit Analyst
Paulius Bertašius Senior Credit Analyst
Ieva Petrauskaitė Credit Analyst
Žygintas Pocius Credit Analyst
Edvinas Urkis Credit Analyst
Ingrida Karbauskaitė Credit Analyst
Linas Pugžlys Credit Analyst
Svetlana Stankūnė Credit Analyst