Risk-sharing loans of the EAFRD Financial Instruments Fund

What are the benefits?

In order to increase the availability of financial services for operators active in the fields of agriculture, production and processing of agricultural products and rural development, soft loans are available under the financial instrument "Risk Sharing Loans" of the EAFRD Financial Instruments Fund. The soft loans, provided at below-market prices, also encourage the financing of young farmers and small farms, as well as the expansion and development of farms.

The soft loan is worth taking advantage of because up to 75 % of the loan is at zero interest from the facility's funds and the rest, at the financial intermediary's rate, is at the financial intermediary's interest rate.

Who can apply?

IMPORTANT: In order to apply for a soft loan, entities must first participate in the call "Support for investments in agricultural holdings" of the National Paying Agency under the Ministry of Agriculture (NPA).

The loans are granted to agricultural operators (natural and legal persons) whose eligibility must be confirmed by a certificate from the NMA submitted to the financial intermediary:

Certificate on the eligibility of an entity whose activity is related to agriculture to receive a preferential loan in accordance with sub-paragraphs 9.2-9.3 of the Rules for the implementation of the measure "Investments in tangible assets" of the operational area "Support for investments in agricultural holdings" of the Lithuanian Rural Development Programme 2014-2020, applicable from 2022

The financial intermediary shall also carry out an assessment of the applicant's eligibility for a loan in accordance with the requirements set by the financial intermediary.

Priority groups are young farmers and small farms:

  • Young farmers, i.e., persons who are 40 or under years old at the time of application, have the necessary professional skills and competences and have been established in the five years preceding the application,
  • small farms, i.e., farms with an economic size of the holding (ESH) of up to EUR 25 000.

Until 14/10/2023, Medicinos bankas, UAB provided loans under the measure. After 14/10/2023, loans will be granted through selected financial intermediaries (financial institutions), which will be updated once selected.

How much?

Soft loans under this financial instrument can be granted to eligible economic entities up to an amount of EUR 200 000.

INVEGA has been appointed as the manager of the fund of funds "EAFRD Financial Instruments Fund".


Soft loans under this financial instrument may be granted to eligible economic operators for a period of up to 60 months (5 years).