Portfolio guarantees 3

What’s the benefit?

The Facility facilitates access to finance for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) when the security they can offer is unattractive or insufficient for a financial institution.

Who is eligible?

Representatives of small and medium-sized (SMS) businesses.

How much?

The maximum amount of financing that can be guaranteed by the portfolio guarantee is EUR 2,812,500  or:

  • for entities engaged in primary production of agricultural products – EUR 234,375;
  • for entities engaged fishery and aquaculture operations – EUR 375,000.

The loans are granted in accordance with the provisions of the following Regulations:glamento Nr. 2023/2831, Regulation No. 1408/2013 and Regulation No. 717/2014.

The financing can be granted in the form of a credit line, loans and financial leasing.

Total budget allocated for the instrument is EUR 90 million. EUR 61,09 million are reserved according to the positively assessed requests and signed agreements with financial institutions.


Maximum term in respect of:

  • Investment loans and financial leasing – 120 months;
  • Negotiable loans – 60 months;
  • Financing in the credit line form – 36 months.

How does it work?

Loans, credit or leases covered by a portfolio guarantee are granted and documented by selected financial intermediaries in accordance with their internal policies and procedures.

A portfolio guarantee secures a repayment of 80% of a loan, credit or lease to a financial intermediary. This rate applies to each transaction included in the financial intermediary portfolio, but the total amount of INVEGA's payouts cannot exceed the cap on payouts.